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Distribution Services

SDB - Your Financial Solutions Provider

SDB Financial Solutions SA is authorised and supervised by FINMA as a FUND DISTRIBUTOR in Switzerland since July 2015. SDB has elected to cater exclusively for Qualified Institutional Investors in its distribution business.

SDB is a private company fully owned by its partners and is therefore independent in its choice of counterparts in the distribution business. Our independency leads us to identify outstanding asset managers, determining the value proposition of their investment strategy, establishing its uniqueness and putting it onto the institutional market; SDB operates with a unique combination of high skills in the financial industry and careful distribution expertise.

At SDB it is paramount to meet with the hands-on investment managers and key risk people of any funds, not only with sales people, before committing to a new distribution agreement. At SDB, we reward quality rather than quantity in our fund selection. Full market review including competitor analysis, product review, communication, audit, investor, consultant and adviser interviews, and sales analysis are the pillars of our platform and work strategy. The importance of being transparent with high due-diligence standards is our leit motiv for a comprehensive approach in all interactions in this process.

Understanding the strategy, the investment process and the risks for each fund is the goal to offer smart selection and a good track record, low volatility & high and stable performance. Our Fund Distribution Services include:

  • Organization of one-to-one meetings and roadshows with selected fund managers;
  • Account, fees and commission management;
  • Regular performance and reporting updates.