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Asset Management

SDB - Your Financial Solutions Provider

SDB Financial Solutions SA is a Swiss indipendent asset manager, adhering to the code of conduct issued by the OAD-FCT, the self regulatory body for financial fiduciary firms in Canton Ticino (Switzerland). SDB is an approved IAM by many banks both in Switzerland and in Europe.

At SDB we define the Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation of clients’ portfolios according to the target return, liquidity and cashflow needs, asset classes knowledge and limitations, currency exposure and volatility parameters. The core portfolio discretionary asset management is developed with a view to both strategic medium to long term vision and coherent tactical allocation.

Our asset management services are developed into two main directions:

  • Discretionary portfolio management;
  • Advisory on asset allocation and product selection.

Our Portfolio Management services includes:

  • Relationship management
  • Assessments and benchmarking
  • Strategic planning, tactical exposure
  • Key performance indicators definition
  • Risk analysis
  • Maintenance strategy review
  • Asset performance review


SDB’s asset management team is always looking out for edgy new investment solutions, exploiting the efficient frontier between risk and return. Therefore SDB has been and is willing to be seeder of new innovative products and exlusive fund structures.

Strategic Asset Allocation


Tactical Asset Allocation


Portfolio Construction